Sunday, July 9, 2017

New sites to Explore

These sites are all about art, where buy ar oil painting art for sale by the artists, original are, abstract art, modern art. Tin can tin cans teen cans and airplane and art these are my new sites. They represent an attempt to settle my heart. As an artist that's supposed to be important. I'm not sure it is. Artist's sales sometimes get locked into a certain look and they had to repeat what sells, galleries expect that. I paint landscapes one day and abstracts another. I'm political when I want to be an frivolous when I want to be. New sites to Explore. I like to surf. I may be the last surfer on the net. This morning I found two startup which have good names.  They both have a ring to them. Both may be for sale as well if you are looking for a good site name.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Drawing and painting animals is Fun

how to draw paint animals step by step, Coloring Pages Colorful Clown Fish | How to draw Animals | Drawing and Art Colors for Kids painting realistic animals, paint animal fur acrylic, painting , animals in watercolor, how to draw realistic animals, for kids, with pencil, youtube Drawing and Art Colors for Kids Cute Baby Animals Coloring Page Giraffe for Kids to Learn to Draw N Color with Watercolor Paint Learn Colors for Children Draw and paint wildlife in acrylic,
You would expect children to paint or draw animals. I would expect children to visit these pages. Drawing a rabbit would be fun and fun is what art is about. It's about expressing yourself but is the child who does it best.. Drawing with pencil and eraser is work. Kids draw without work they draw for fun and that's what's fun about kids. Adults take things too seriously but the children know what's important. Drawing is important coloring is important. It's only when we take it too seriously and stop having fun that drawing does not become fun. It's only when the other kids tell us we can't draw that we stop. We should not stop being children.

Monday, February 6, 2017